Cobrança indevida de ICMS na conta de luz 2017 – Veja Agora!

ICMS Restitution Guide Does it work?

It turns out that I was studying a subject that interested me enough and for the

I am going to file an action on my own behalf and I have decided to share the information

That I got with my followers.

I dealt with the subject in the form of video and text, so you can choose the format

Which pleases you the most (the text is just below the video). I liked the video more because

It is easier to understand the part of calculations.

Having the ICMS refund improperly charged to the electricity bill is a

ALL Brazilians, so why not fight for that right?

I do not want my hard-earned money to go to the government illegally. They

Are always taking money out of our pocket with IPTU, IPVA, taxes and now this


You know that action that everyone is talking about, ICMS restitution in the

energy bill? So, I’m going to teach you today how to identify, in the account, the

Can be refunded and also how to calculate the refund amount.

You can not let them STEAL your money !!!

The ICMS electric energy restitution guide works really! I had an excellent

Step-by-step results that they teach to bring together all the

Documents required and give entry to my RIGHT!


The ICMS Restitution Guide for Electric Energy is complete – prepared with all

Step by step for every Brazilian to be able to recover their MONEY back!

It’s a complete guide to your energy bill without undue tax!

And the value can be very high, after all have been years paying an undue amount in the accounts

Of electricity every month!

The ICMS Restitution Guide was prepared by Henrique Peratto, a specialist in

taxation. Your goal is to help all Brazilians get their money back.


I have been able to recover the ICMS charged improperly in the last 5 years. I confess

That alone I would not have been able to put everything together and even know the right way to give

Entry on these papers …

Lost back, which was paid unduly in the beads for years.

For you to better understand that it is your right to receive this money back and have the

That the ICMS Restitution Guide works and can help you

Also, check out the report on Professor Miguel Lima below:

[Note: To learn how to get the last 60 energy bills, read this article: How

Obtain the electricity bills for the ICMS restitution action]

What you should do is to apply the ICMS rate to the value of each installment,

Then add and apply monetary correction. Recall that the rate varies according to

The state, energy consumption and type of consumer. In this case, it is possible to verify that

The account rate used as an example is 25% (highlighted in pink).

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