Desafio 3k em 30 dias 2.0


The second step of the 3K challenge is to create relationships. You need to identify the right people, the right issues and start making a difference within the group. There is no point in spamming people wanting to comment and post many things.

You need to be unique, to make a difference in the middle so that the members of the group admire you and that you are in evidence.

The thermometer for you to know if the methods are having an effect is the amount of people wanting to be your friends. Following the correct steps of the 3K challenge in 30 days, you will have many people asking for friends on facebook.

Is the 3k 2.0 challenge method worth it?

3K Challenge in 30 Days, pay close attention and read this post to the end, that I will show you how the 3K challenge works in 30 days. A challenge where you can earn 3 thousand reais in 30 days using facebook, without having to spend anything with it, only your time is clear.

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to make money online, but could not find a course that really piqued your interest? Or did not have the money to buy those expensive courses of “gurus” from the internet, after all, who wants to start this often does not have much money? Or maybe even bought one of these courses but had no results?

The Farouk Palis 3K Challenge course is a complete and super accessible training so there are no more excuses to delay your financial independence starting your own business today and having excellent results. Next I’ll show you more about the course, follow me.


Challenge 3K is the cheapest, most practical and simple online training course available in Brazil to learn how to sell as an affiliate and without having to worry about creating a blog, creating videos for Youtube or having a list.

The Human Brain – Mental Triggers – First Level – Publication Types – Second Level – Publication Structure – Third Level – Vision Beyond Scope

The purpose of this uncomplicated training is to get you to make your first 3 thousand reais or more working the internet without having to invest money streams (as some producers have been teaching).

Sixth stage: supply and sales

Learn how to create an offer that is irresistible to future customers, check out the topics covered in this final phase:

Introduction to the Offering – The Group Managers – Irresistible Offering – Call to Action (Offer)


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