Parent of student, a difficult profession?

Being a parent can not be improvised. 61% feel they are “ill-prepared” to take on this role. 27% say they often have difficulty knowing how to proceed, according to the survey “Parent of student, a job of the future”, published on May 13 and realized with a sample of 832 parents by Opinionway for the Newspaper La Croix and the association of parents of pupils of free education (APEL), which organizes its XVIII congress on 16, 17 and 18 May in Strasbourg, How To Lose Weight Fast.

Of the respondents, 71% would like to have a practical guide, 68% would benefit from training days, 85% would talk more often with teachers. A need not always satisfied, as only 49% declare themselves “sufficiently listened” and 41% “sufficiently consulted” by the educational community. While the School Rebuilding Act of 2013 provides that schools have space for parents’ parents and their delegates, 85% of those surveyed say they are interested in “places of dialogue” with teachers. To go further, the APEL formulates a dozen proposals, among which the creation of “educational contracts of trust”, signed by both parents, teachers and students.

Digital does not bring parents and school closer The survey also gives a place to new technologies. While 71% and 57% of parents believe that the introduction of digital technology at school “changes the profession of teachers” and the role of schools, 95% do not see how this tool brings them closer to school. An opinion that irritates the American researcher and father of the expression “digital natives”, Marc Prensky, who presents himself as “visionary” and preaches in particular for the “inverted classes”, a pedagogical approach very in vogue in the Anglo-Saxon countries : Students do the classroom exercises and learn the basics of schooling at home, through videos and interactive

materials “that parents can see at home, a way of appropriating what their kids learn at school “He enthuses. In addition, the latter considers that France attaches too much importance to educational achievement, unlike the United States, where “passion, creativity and audacity are more decisive than diplomas in professional success”,How To Lose Weight Fast.

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