Método Segredo Bolo no Pote funciona?

In the case of children under 18, according to the prerequisite of the course;
• Copy of birth or marriage certificate;
• Readable copy of proof of address in an updated form (last 03 months)

Such as water, electricity or telephone charges, etc .;
• Proof of schooling: certificate or diploma or school history or

Updated attestation, in accordance with the prerequisite of the course.

NOTE: Copies must be accompanied by the original copy for the conference.


Hours *);
2) Heat the 300ml of water until almost boiling;
3) In a blender, process the hazelnuts with 1/3 of the hot water, until it turns

Pastry Add the rest of the water gradually until the milk is obtained;
4) With the aid of a fine strainer or a cloth, coat the milk and store the residue

For other revenues;
5) Pour the milk and other ingredients into a milk and bring to the low heat,

1/4 cup hazelnuts;
300ml of water you would drink;
2 tablespoons green banana biomass;
3 tablespoons cocoa powder;
1 tablespoon cocoa butter (may be coconut butter or coconut oil,

Macadamia or another of your choice);
4 drops of vanilla essence (optional);
Sugar to taste.

Method of preparation
1) Leave hazelnuts in clean water from overnight (at least 6


Stirring constantly until the butter is completely melted and the biomass

Dilute and begin to thicken broth;
6) When the milk is thicker, just serve and be happy.


* If you do not want to wait this time, “cook” the hazelnuts for about 15 minutes in

Boiling water until they soften well, but this way they will lose a little

Of quality.

Together they extrapolated personal and professional barriers and limitations and

Persistence and focus have turned entrepreneurs with a derisory investment of $ 300



Pineapple, bonbon, strawberry, churros (hummmm), meringue, chocolate mousse,

Milk nest, pistachio, prestige, among others more.

Adriana Borges told the G1 portal that she and her sister were always attracted to

Have a business of their own. “We have several people in the family who work with

gastronomy. Our mother makes heavenly cakes and our father is a super cook. My

Grandmother, the Dona Elci, in the 70’s was a great confectioner and was successful in the city

With their cakes, sweets, bonbons and savory. We believe that it is family that taste

By the kitchen and by developing something new for the market, “he said.

She also said that Uberlândia, the city where they live, the Pot Cake they make is

A novelty and this captivated and loyal customers. Look how nice it is!! They studied

Their market and saw opportunities in this business. Have already emerged as


“We decided to do it differently, that is, with less mass, more filling and

More coverage. The result is a creamy product with a mild and less sweet taste “,

Said Adriana.

They poured ice-cream pot into individual pots. The value of each unit

Sold varies from R $ 8 to R $ 10 and the tastes are diverse, we can mention the


Personal Documents for Registration
• Readable copy of an official document containing the RG and CPF number of the

• Readable copy of an official document containing the holder’s RG and CPF number,


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